Monday, September 5, 2016

Go Get it

छोटी कर के अभिलाषा को,
क्यूँ पग पीछे करता मानस ?
मुझसे पूछ मैं बतलाऊँ ,
तेरे अंदर है जो वो पारस  

Translation: Why are you taking your steps back by dreaming for small man? Ask me and I will tell you your worth. You are as precious as paras stone.

ध्यान - ज्ञान का दीप जला के ,
दूर  कर ले अपनी 'अमावस' ।
सुन्दर ये जहां लगने लगेगा ,
गर तुझमे है थोड़ा साहस ॥

Translation: By means of education and meditation you can enlighten your life by removing evil and darkness. You just need to show some dare to overcome this and then you will see an a new beautiful world is waiting for you !

PS: per Indian mythology, paras stone has the ability to turn anything into gold.